Tanning Beds

The Finest tanning Equipment in the Industry!

At Media City Sun we are dedicated to making sure that you get the tan of your life and that your tanning experience is always a positive one. We offer 14 clean, sanitized, private rooms, a friendly and knowledgeable staff with a welcoming at home atmosphere for everyone from the first time tanner to the experienced tanner and everyone in-between. We offer a variety of low, medium and high pressure beds from I.SO Italia Matrix (100% UVA Bronzing Bed), Ergoline Esprit 770, Sun Capsule Supersonic and Ergoline Ambition Beds.

To ensure maximum results we clean, service and change the lamps in our beds on a regular basis and carry the largest selection of tanning lotions from Designer Skin, Supre, Devoted Creations, and Norvell. If you don't see what you want we are happy to special order it for you!

Level 5
Maximum Exposure= 12mins

  • High-Pressure
  • Deeper tan that lasts longer
  • Shorter session but more effective
  • Powerful ventilation system that can be adjusted
  • MP3/Radio/CD Player
  • The DEC (Dynamic Energy Control) system allows the high-pressure lamps to be controlled and monitored electronically

There are two main types of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB. All tanning beds use a combination of these two rays, which contribute differently to the tanning process. Tanning takes place in the skins outermost layer, the epidermis. When exposed to UVB light, melanocytes located within the epidermis produce melanin, which causes the skin to redden. When exposed to UVA light, the melanin oxidizes and causes the skin to darken to a deep golden brown. High-pressure bulbs are much smaller in size than regular tanning bulbs. A unique filter system allows the Omega to filter out most of the UVB rays, using just enough to stimulate the melanin leaving the UVA rays to darken the skin. Tanning is actually the body's natural defense mechanism for protecting against the sun's rays. Normally, the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days but when exposed to high concentrations of UVB rays; the body is forced to exfoliate prematurely every 5-10 days. This is why low-pressure tanners must tan more frequently to keep the outer layer of their skin looking brown. Because high-pressure filters out most of the UVB rays, your skin is able to maintain normal exfoliation every 28 days, which in turn allows your skin to stay tan much longer!

Level 4
Ergoline Esprit 770
Maximum exposure time = 10 minutes

The Ergoline Esprit 770 features dynamic powered 200 watt UV lamps along with Ultra Performance 500 watt facial tanners and high pressure shoulder tanners. Dual system temptronic ventilation climate control complete with aromatherapy and misters for the ultimate tanning experience. Also equipped with MP3 docking system for easy listening to your personal music library. The Esprit 770 offers tanners a spa-like tanning experience for the ultimate in comfort and results.

Level 3
Sun Capsule Supersonic (Stand-up)
Maximum exposure time = 8 minutes

The Sun Capsule Supersonic features 54 220 watt VHR tanning lamps to achieve an awesome all-around tan while the 22mph fan ensures that you get a comfortable no-sweat tanning session in no more than 8 minutes!

Level 2
Ambition 200
Maximum exposure time = 20 minutes

Super power for a super bed!
32 VHP Genesis Super Power 120-watt UV Lamps - The Ambition 200 makes a bold impression with its proven Genesis tanning technology. Its 120-watt lamps generate excellent UV performance. There are many premium features in the Ambition 200 that make it a true celebrity. The body curve acrylic extended tanning surface provides even distribution of UV light onto the client, and its sizable foot fan delivers ample cooling power.